Common Payable ICD-10 Codes

Arterial 93925 & ABI 93922
Combination Ultrasound Exam

Common Payable ICD-10 Codes

  • E11.51 Diabetes 11-circulatory issues
  • E10.51 Diabetes 1-circulatory issues 
  • I73.9 PVD
  • R60.9 Edema
  • M79.609 Pain in limb 
  • I70.90 Atherosclerosis unspecified

ABI can show whether P.A.D. is affecting your limbs, but it won’t show which blood vessels are narrowed and blocked which is why we pair the ABI with an arterial Doppler of the lower extremities. These tests together give the physician a complete picture of what is occurring with the patient.

Physicians may also recommend blood tests to check for PAD risk factors. For example, blood tests can help diagnose conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol. 

Insurances recommend that diabetic patients receive an arterial/ABI every three years to check for P.A.D. progression. If a patient has P.A.D., they are more likely to have coronary artery disease, heart attack, stroke, and transient ischemic attack (“mini-stroke”).

How can P.A.D. be prevented?

  • Be physically active 
  • Be screened for P.A.D. by having an ABI and arterial ultrasound
  • Do not smoke
  • Follow heart healthy eating

Source: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

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