Is your Practice Complete?

Mergence Healthcare and HealthScan Imaging partner to bring your practice programs that will provide the following;

Patient Convenience:

By providing our lab and imaging programs in-house, you’re able to offer your patients the opportunity to come to you for a wide array of procedures that are normally referred to another facility. By employing these programs in your office, the patients in your care save money on co-pays and facility charges. In addition, they’re typically more comfortable getting as much done by their primary care physician as possible, and are more compliant with your orders.

Physician Control:

When you have the ability to provide lab and imaging programs in your office, you’re able to get the results first-hand, giving you an advantage when it comes to diagnosing and treating your patients. Often, you find that the need to refer your patients to a specialist or imaging center is cut significantly. If the need to refer does exist, you’re sending your colleague a better qualified patient for his or her services.

Profit Center:

One primary benefit to offering our programs to your patients is profitability. When you partner with us, you’re able to bill for what we provide, thereby increasing your revenues and profits. Our programs are fee based, and are invoiced in a timeframe that allows you to remit payment after you’ve had the opportunity to collect the reimbursements.

The three PC’s of HealthScan Imaging and Mergence Healthcare combine to help you ensure that your Practice is Complete!

Programs versus Services

In a partnership with us, one of the first things you’ll notice is that we offer programs, not simply services. The difference is this; you employ a program. When you employ something or someone, they’re working for you. That’s the way we work…we combine several elements together to ensure that we’re helping you to accomplish your goals of providing patient convenience, physician control, and a profit center, all to improve your patients’ outcomes.

For instance, our Cardiac Assessment Program (CAP) comprises four elements;

Advanced Labs: The 1972 Friedwald formula that is used for your current lipid panel only uncovers 40% of heart disease…when you identify subclinical markers that an advanced lipid panel will uncover, you identify up to 90% of risk factors for heart disease. That’s a 50% swing! More information equates to better diagnosing.

Carotid Plus: Our carotid ultrasound goes a step further than your typical carotid scan. We include the IMT measurement and provide a carotid age in our reporting. The thickening of the carotid wall can be an early sign of an impending stroke.

Echocardiography: Our sonographers utilize state-of-the-art ultrasound machines to perform echocardiograms on your patients. Many times, the reporting will necessitate further testing to determine the state of heart disease, which brings us to our fourth element…

Nuclear Stress Testing: We bring the testing to you! Our nuclear teams are ICANL accredited and the technologists are degreed Nuclear Technologists. We also provide a stress nurse with each team that is trained, at a minimum, as an EMT. They both are required to attend EKG interpretation training yearly and are ACLS certified. We provide the latest in nuclear camera technology, a treadmill, and our own crash cart.

Our goal is to partner with you in providing our programs to help you with early diagnosis of heart disease, and to improve your patients’ outcomes. 

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